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How to Find Free Kindle Books in Lending Library

Have you ever wondered how to find free Kindle books in the lending library, and then not just a long list of everything, but narrowed down to a topic or category that you are actually looking for? To be eligible to download a Kindle library book that you can read for free, you actually do have to own a Kindle device and you have to have Amazon Prime membership. Moreover, you must download the book when you are actually on your Kindle (and not a computer), otherwise you'll be charged. If you make a mistake, however, you can be refunded within 7 days. For convenience I have put the Amazon search box below: try it out with a search phrase of your choosing. Here is the key thing though: to narrow down your search to only those books that are free to read because they are in the Kindle lending library, append the phrase “prime eligible” at the end of the search string. Here are some examples of what you would type in the search box below after choosing “Kindle Store” from the drop-down menu, type:

Historical Fiction prime eligible
Science Astronomy prime eligible
Space Science prime eligible
Vampires prime eligible
Math help prime eligible

You get the idea!

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You may also enjoy the Ebook Engine, which is a dedicated database and search engine to help you find out if a particular book you are looking for is available for free somewhere on the internet.

Note: there are many free Kindle books that are not part of the lending library and these are available to anyone, even without Prime membership, and you don't have to access them from a Kindle device. They can be found by a similar method to that described here, except that the phrase “Prime eligible” is simply replaced by “free.”

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