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Exoplanets Websites

Following is a small collection of exoplanets websites that may be useful to you. It is not exhaustive, but this table is a good place to start. Each website has its own characteristics and intended audience. Try to avoid automated scraper sites that simply collate articles from the web. Finally, remember also to read articles or information, even from a reputable source, with a continuously questioning posture, and demand that everything quoted as fact is sourced and not just pulled out of nowhere. And then scrutinize the sources!

Exoplanets Encyclopedia - get the latest exoplanets statistics from here.
NASA exoplanets WWW web pages
TESS (transiting exoplanet survey satellite) WWW web pages.
NASA's Kepler mission home page, with the latest news and more.
A running catalog of the exoplanets discovered so far, and more.
Exoplanet site with a data explorer and links to other sites.
The CoRoT (Convection, Rotation and Transits) mission home page.
Caltech exoplanets archive.
Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) gateway to exoplanet educator resources.
For the more technical enthusiast - take part in data analysis!
A blog by the Planet Hunter's ogranization.
Participate in real science online.
Search for ExTraterrestial Intelligence (SETI) institite (includes outreach).
NASA solar system exploration home page.
Another site that enables you to participate in data analysis.
NASA's Kepler mission education and outreach overview.
NASA's Kepler mission education resources, by grade (3 to College level).
NASA's Kepler mission: Planetarium Shows.
Kepler site links to other NASA education and outreach websites.
NASA's Kepler mission: downloadable files from public lectures.
Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) education and outreach for educators and students.
Space Science Institute: mixture of content.
NASA teacher resources: searchable by topic and grade level.
NASA main education and outreach page for educators.
NASA main education and outreach page for students.
NASA/GFSC astronomy learning site (educators and K-8 students).
NASA/GFSC astronomy learning site (educators and grade 9-12+ students).
Hubble space science site for educators and students.
NASA/GFSC Math through space science studies, for educators.
Practical Uses of Math And Science (PUMAS), for educators.
NASA QUEST (at NASA Ames), resources for educators and students.
Molecular line lists for exoplanet atmospheres.
A free App for iphone (etc.) for exoplanet visualization and literature reference.
A calculator and visualizer for time spent by exoplanets in habitable zones.
Astrophysics Formulas that including some of that are relevant for exoplanet studies

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