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Exoplanets Tutorial


What Is a Planet and What Is an Exoplanet or Extrasolar Planet?

Solar System Benchmarks and Exotic Objects

Number of Exoplanets Discovered, by Year

Distances to the Exoplanets


Exoplanet Detection Methods

Illustration of the Transit Method for Detecting and Studying Exoplanets

Exoplanet Types

    What Would It Be Like to Live on a Close-in Planet If You Could Survive the Heat?

Histograms, statistics, trends, and correlations of exoplanet properties


Core-Accretion Theory of Planet Formation

Exoplanet Migration

Planet Formation and Migration - Why the Current Models Fail

Notable or Important Exoplanets

51 Pegasi (or 51 Peg)

Corot-7 b

GJ 1214 b

GJ 436 b

GJ 667C c

GJ 581 system (GJ 581 d and GJ 581 g)

HD 189733 b

HD 209458 b

HD 85512

Kepler-10 b

Kepler-11 system

Kepler 20 e and Kepler 20 f

Kepler-22 b

Blog  Book Tutorial Exoplanets FAQ Exoplanets Websites

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